Signature Cocktails

Stranahan's Old Fashioned
Colorado Whiskey, Muddled Oranges & Cherries, Angostura Bitters   16

Colorado Mule
Stranahan's Whiskey, Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice, Regatta Ginger Beer   16

 Moscow Mule
Stoli Vodka, Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice,

Regatta Ginger Beer   10

 Chocolate Martini
Premium Vodka, Cream & Chocolate Sauce,

Chocolate Swirl, Dark Chocolate Shavings  12

Limoncello Martini
Gabriel’s Fresh Lemon Zest Infused Premium Vodka, Fresh Squeezed Lemonade, Sugar Rim   12

Pomegranate Martini
Premium Vodka, Pama Liqueur, Triple Sec,

Fresh Squeezed Sour Mix  12

Dirty Goose
Premium Vodka, Chilled Ice Cold, Olive Juice,

Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives  15

Pear of Lemons
Absolut Pear Vodka, Homemade Limoncello,

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade, St. Germain  12

 Red Sangria
A Melody of Red Wine Infused with Cinnamon,

Clove & Fresh Fruit   9

 Hot Toddy
House Infused Apple-Cinnamon Vodka, Honey,

Hot Water, Lemon Garnish  9

Hot Buttered Rum
Bacardi 8 Year, Vanilla Extract, Brown Sugar,

Melted Butter, Hot Water, Cinnamon Stick  12

 Cafe Gabriel's
Steamed Irish Cream & Frangelico,

Hot Brewed Coffee, Fresh Whipped Cream,

Dark Chocolate Shavings  9

Bottled Beers 

Moretti  5.50      Odell’s IPA  6.00

Michelob Ultra  4.75     Bud  4.50

 Draft Beers

Bud Light  5.00    Stella Artois  6.00

Breckenridge Avalanche  6.00     Shock Top  5.50

Personal Pitchers (1 Liter)
Bud Light 10.00     Stella Artois 12.00

Breckenridge Avalanche  12.00        Shock Top  11.00

​​Gabriel’s Tuscan Bistro Menu

Shared Tapas

Honey Smoked Salmon   11
Cold Smoked King Salmon, Onion, Peas, Corn, Bell Pepper, Dijonaisse, House Cracker

Calamari   13
Fried Calamari Strips, Lemon, Spicy Marinara

*  Seared Ahi Tuna  17

Sesame Seed Crusted, Sweet Chili Cucumbers,
Pickled Ginger, Wasabi Cream, Sweet Soy Sauce

 Shrimp Cocktail
Small (4)   12   /   Large (8)   20
Jumbo Shrimp, Cocktail Salsa Cucumber, Lemon

Bruschettas   10
Tomato, Onion, Garlic, Basil, Balsamic Reduction, Crostinis

Bistro Entrée Selections

Sedalia Burger   15
Ground Filet Mignon, Honey Dijonnaise, Caramelized Onions, Chef’s Daily Side Dish
Substitute Side Dish to Chef’s Soup, a Small Mixed Greens or Small Caesar Salad   +2
~ Add Cheese:  Choice of Gorgonzola, Mozzarella, Smoked Gouda or American   +1
~ Add
2 Strips of Bacon   +1

Pork Shanks   16

 Orange Honey Glaze, Potato Rosette

Shrimp Gorgonzola  19
Sautéed Jumbo Shrimp,
Gorgonzola Cream, Garlic-Tomato-Olive Oil Fettucine

Chef's Raviolis   15

Chef's House made Raviolis

The Italiano  9.50

Salami, Prosciutto, Pepperoni, Marinara, Toasted Mozzarella, Lettuce, Tomato,

Bell Peppers, Onions, Ciabatta Bread

Chicken Piccata  16
Organic Boneless Breast, Lemon Buerre Blanc Capers, Pasta Primavera

Chicken Parmigiana  16

Organic Boneless Breast, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Marinara, Pasta Primavera

Beef Stroganoff   14
Sautéed Filet Tips, Mushroom, Onion, Garlic Cream Sauce, Spanish Paprika, Fettucine

Stuffed Bell Pepper  16
Roasted Bell Pepper, Wild Mushrooms, Red Onions, Spinach, Artichoke Hearts,

Cherry Tomatoes, Creamy Marinara Capellini

Substitute to Gluten Free Pasta   2.50

Soups & Salads

Soup Bowl   6.75   /    Soup Cup   4    ( Served with Garlic Bread )

* Caesar ~
Romaine, House-made Caesar, Shredded Parmesan,

Roasted Red Bell Pepper, House Croutons   9

Tuscan Wedge Salad ~
Romaine Wedge, Crisped Prosciutto Shaved Parmesan,
Cherry Tomatoes, Croutons, Gorgonzola Blue Cheese Dressing  10

Autuma Salad ~
Mixed Greens, Red Pears, Toasted Pumpkin Seeds, Dried Crnberries,

Goat Cheese, Italian Herbed Vinaigrette   9

Add to Any Salad:
Sautéed Filet Tips  + 9        Grilled 6 oz Salmon  + 9        Half a Breast of Grilled Chicken   + 6

Basket of Garlic Bread   4

*These items may be served raw or undercooked,or contain raw or undercooked ingredients.
*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase
your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.